The chosen places and itineraries have been thought out carefully to include the widest possible range of landscapes, flora and fauna, cultural and gastronomical sites for each and every visitor be they totally new to these experiences or for those more knowledgeable on the subject. The main theme of the guided tours is the interpretation of the natural surroundings with its flora and fauna, the main focus being that of birdwatching.

Trips may vary from one to several days and we are more than happy to adapt them to each and every visitor’s preferences. Advanced bookings are recommended which will include corporate liability insurance and of course the experience of your nature guide, Pablo Pérez. All meals and lodgings are taken in idyllically typical country establishments. Optical equipment is made available by the guide but all hiking equipment should be of the client.

All itineraries for the excursions and hikes will be of a simple nature in order to be adaptable to the climatic conditions at hand as much as the preferences of the client.

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