About Us


Wilextours is based in Biscay, but operates in the detailed locations due to the excellent potential for wildlife and hiking opportunities. The main target is providing an unforgettable experience for the visitors, always under the safety and quality procedure. While sharing his passion for nature, Pablo ensures to promote appreciation and respect towards it, not only for the visitors but also for the locals who will ultimately understand the value of it. There is no other way to recognise life unless we do protect nature, and getting to know it better is the very first step towards that. Therefore, most of these routes are accompanied by frequent stops to try local food products and visit historical buildings, which are the most significant icons of tradition and heritage, linked with the land for centuries. In fact, we can not understand this land without its human presence, and that is why we should consider them both as a communion. Nevertheless, we understand that ecotourism is key to underline a respectful and invaluable way to travel, but we still consider that this should be accomplished in a sustainable manner regarding CO2 emissions, waste production, and local production. In fact, Wilextours promotes 1% for the planet by supporting local ongoing conservation programs, such as the local native forest creation that the Lurgaia foundation is developing near Urdaibai. In addition to this, we promote solar energy production and own private land with a native forest near the Gorbea Natural Park in Orozko. We always try to cooperate with local guides, local accommodation services and food producers, all in order to support a more environmentally friendly economy and lifestyle. For instance, our desire is that the visitor not only take home a fascinating tour experience, but also get a glimpse of how we can do the things here so as to enhance environmental awareness worldwide.