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Pablo lives in Getxo, which is in the Basque Country of Spain. He is a freelance guide who leads the majority of the tours in Spain. Some of them are directly manage by Wilextours while others are customised for international travel agencies. Most of the tours described will use either one 7 passenger van plus guide as driver, or a maximum of two vans with two drivers. A fifteen passenger minibus could also be an option, however, this will imply a readjustment to the final price of the tour. The hotels presented are generally considered as sustainable local accommodation, well located and with good personal service, including opportunities to explore the surroundings in our free time. Rates will vary upon the reservation of single or double rooms. Breakfast is included in all the hotels. Lunch will either be taken in bars or restaurants, or a picnic will be prepared in the field. Coffee and personal alcoholic beverages are not included, unless there is a special occasion. Guided day tours: In the case of contracting a guided day tour, the payment will be exclusively related to the guide service, which will be Wilextours. The average rate per group just for the guiding is at least 250 euros Full package tours: For full board package tours, the associated IEST Viajes Travel Agency, will be in charge of the payment and all the booking process, either if you are a travel agency or a private entity. You can contact the agency directly, or with us and we will put you in contact with them. In the original rate air fares are not included, but IEST Viajes Travel Agency will be happy to provide them if you wish. Mail IEST Viajes Travel Agency:

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The average rate per group just for the guiding is at least

250€ per day